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What's in a name?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Ranching provides us lots of babies and joy each Spring. How do you come up with clever names for them all?! Our ranch is different than other farmers/ranchers because we don't sell or raise animals for meat. All of our animals are our 'kids' here, whether they end up getting adopted to other homes or remain with us. That is why each and every animal here gets a NAME special, just for them.

Sometimes, naming can be obvious such as the two little boys pictured above. The gold buckling is Jericho and the black buckling is Grayson. Grayson looked exactly like his mama, Gracie, so that is how he got his name. Jericho got his because...he was "birthed by Jerry and Company", lol. I am "company", by the way. Jericho came out in a bubble with only his head and his vivid blue eyes blinking around looking at us like, 'Well...now what?! I'm HERE!". Normally, kids come out feet first with their heads resting on those feet. Not these two boys! They both peeked out first to see if the coast was clear for exit and landing. Gracie was a first time mom, so she needed some help - especially since the feet weren't presented. We have to pull both boys from her as she pushed. She was an excellent mom once the boys were on the ground, but during the process she kept trying to rub them against the fence... like one would scratch a hemorrhoid when you don't have hands to scratch with!

Other animals get named after places or groups of things like 'types of trees'. I had Aspen give birth to Juniper this year. My lambs were mostly named celestial names but in doing so, I managed to have a lamb named Halo and a goat named Haley this Spring. Didn't really think that one through...but the names have stuck.

Jerry has a much harder time with the names and keeping them straight, so typically he will re-name them "affectionately" to what he can remember....like 'farty over there' or 'popsicle' because he can't remember Tinkerbelle. lol It is amazing though, all the animals know their names and will respond individually when called by their names... even if it is a nic-name by Jerry!

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