• "Maah"

My KIDS call me MAAH

Love comes in all sizes and shapes, colors, and voices on our farm. But the one thing all of our fury kids have in common - they all call me MAAH. When we first started out farming ...with only goats, I used to joke with people that one day I was going to write a book called, "My KIDS call me MAAH". If you have ever heard a goat bleating, it sounds just like that - Maah or MAAAHHHH! It depends on what they are doing and how hungry they are ;-)

Farming has been one big adventure filled with loads of joy and excitement, along with days of tears and frustration. Each day is amazing and a chance to learn something new! With the encouragement of my mother, who enjoys seeing the photos and hearing the crazy stories that come from our daily farming life that I post on social media, I have decided to document these adventures in a BLOG rather than a book :-) One day - who knows?

I hope you will enjoy sharing some of our adventures with us from the days that we are glad we are farming to the days we wish we didn't have kids! Some adventures filled with laughter and joy and others filled with tears. The important part, for us, is that life is full of choices and learning from mistakes. Every day we learn something new here at Rock-a-Billy Ranch!

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