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Goat Math

Who knew how ADDICTING goats could be?! Goat people - that is who. Just ask ANYONE who bought one goat, just how long did it last before it turned into a multitude of goats?

Not knowing ANYTHING about goats but doing some initial research, we naively jumped into buying one little boy goat thinking that he would be a fun addition as a pet. We debated on having him wethered, but the breeder said we had until he was 2 months of age to do so. This little guy brought us so much joy and laughter in that first month that we decided "He NEEDED a friend to play with". Then, while buying a wether friend for him, it turned into "Well, maybe we should BREED these guys. After all, other people are selling them for good money and enjoying it and we have the room" One little goat turned into FIVE little goats over night - one buckling, one wethered buckling and three doelings.

Within that first year, my does cleverly escaped their pen to be near the boys while on my

'mother's watch' while we were out of town for the weekend. We came home and

Mom had this look on her face that had me worried at first. She said, "I tried my best to keep the goats away from each other, honey...but....I have to tell you that you are probably going to be a Grand-MAAH in the near future." I couldn't blame Mom. These little goats can be quite strong when they want to do something, eat something or SEE someone ;-) Our five little goats turned into twelve little goats in 147 days! We kept two doelings and one buckling out of the kids. We then also added into new doelings from other breeder.

Then, the brilliant idea hit me that now that we are USED to having goats, perhaps we could get a different BREED of goat to add to the mix? I have been purchasing fiber from others up to this point and I love working with it, why not have our own fiber goats?! So, we researched and went

shopping for Angora goats. We came home with two yearling does...which added another buckling into the mix rather quickly. Those three turned into another full grown buck and three does to join them! We kept one doeling and one buckling from the first year kidding with them.

The following year, silky goats were added - one buckling and three doelings. We are now on season 3 for kidding and I don't imagine it will stop any time soon as I just ADORE these little loves! Can you SEE how this adds up rather quickly? Have you lost track of how many goats we have accumulated yet?

There comes a time in farming when you have to make choices for your farm - the direction you want to go in, how much it costs to feed and care for each animal and how many you are physcially capable of taking care of etc. Is it profitable to your farm or just a hobby and pets? As we evolved in the goating world, we decided that the fiber is the direction we are taking. Therefore, over the last three years, some goats have joined our farm for a spell and then leave as adults to new farms seeking "adventures in goating". Others are brought in from OPF (other people's farms) and stay with us. Some are born here and leave as pets/fiber animals, and some are born and stay with us for life. ALL of them have brought us great joy, and ALL have been loved immensely while in our care (spoiled rotten, that is).

That is the life of goating - and just like chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get! We have found so much JOY of raising these wonderful Caprines, and if ever someone says "You have GOT to be kidding!" I will happy answer back...


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