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We will not have any availability cattle in 2022. 
Please check back in 2023


We have downsized in 2021 due to family matters requiring our attention.  Our fold is now at a bare minimum of what we want to keep and to breed forward - miniature Highlands/Highparks and Micro-miniature Highlands/Highparks. 


Through our journey, wee have carefully selected our initial Highland fold to represent what WE desire to breed for future generations - under 42" in size, long flowing hair, ample dossens (facial hair), short noses and calm tempers.  These are the qualities we seek for producing gorgeous and register-able offspring that can be enjoyed as pets and future producers. 

All of our fold is or can be registered through IMCBS (International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society).  The Highland Organization can also register both the pure bred Highlands and the cross-bred Highlands, and I can pass on information on how to do so.


Our Fold