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Nigora & Silkora Goats

Cross of Angora x Nigerian Dwarf

Cross of Miniature Silkie Fainter x Angora

Next available KIDS will be 2022

Nigora Goats
Of all the goat breeds, these are my favorite because of their small size, their playfulness, loving temperaments, and gorgeous - cashmere-soft fiber!

We are downsizing the ranch in 2021.  My Nigoras have now mostly been sold (keeping only one doe), and I am focusing future breeding with the couple of Angoras that I have along with a couple of Silkie Fainters to make "Silkoras".
This breed keeps its horns.  If you have any questions about horns and how to manage the goat with them, we will be happy to help you.
All of our kids are held daily from birth, making them very social and loving animals ready for their new homes.  I also get them started early with training on the milk stand for sheering,  and getting their feet, shots &  worming taken care of.

Call for pricing, as it varies per kid/goat available.