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Angora Goats

Pure-bred Angoras 

Next available KIDS will be 2022

Angora Goats


Angora goats are well known for their luscious mohair locks!

We are down to gold eyed goats in our herd as we are starting over with new genetics in our breeding program.  I recently purchased two white doelings, a white buck and one registered PINTO buck... however, it will be 2021 before breeding can begin with the pure-bred angoras..


This breed keeps its horns.  If you have any questions about horns and how to manage the goat with them, we will be happy to help you.


All of our kids are held daily from birth, making them very social and loving animals ready for their new homes.  I also get them started early with training on the milk stand for sheering, feet, shots, worming etc and have them introduced to walking on a leash before they leave the farm.

Call for pricing, as it varies per kid/goat available.