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Expectant Moms

Calving 2020 - 2021

To be added to our list of interested purchasers, please contact us right away as these lovable cuties sell out fast!

A deposit will be taken with a contract to purchase for each calf.  We prefer to retain calves until they are at least 5-6 months of age to ensure they are healthy and can handle travelling.  We won't pull a baby from a dam, but in the event of a 'bottle calf'' that the dam was unable to nurse naturally, we can make arrangements for early travel. 


Transport of a calf will be up to you as the purchaser.   You will be fully responsible for the care and safety of the calf if you chose this option.  You will ensure that the calf will be fed and/or bottle fed even through their journey to your home several times a day.

These cattle retain their horns.  This is part of heir daily life, their heritage and what makes them so beautiful.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your calf and how to handle horns as they grow up.  We do have some calves that are being born naturally polled (no horns).  Please ask if this is of interest to you.


We encourage you to visit our ranch so that you can see first hand the parents, their size and temperaments, to to see the quality of care we provide to all our animals.  Our animals are our KIDS here at the ranch and are loved and spoiled daily.