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Being a FIBER FARM, We initially thought that the Highlands might fit into our program and be a dual-purpose contributor to our ranch.  I  have since discovered that their hair is very much like human hair and the only application would be for rug making purposes.  So instead, we learned to enjoy the breed for their  gentle dispositions, curiosity, playfulness and their beauty - making lovely pets and producers.  W


We also live in an area of Nebraska that is locally called "The Highlands of Nebraska", an area of rolling hills, a wide variety of trees and abundant water.  After falling in love with the hardiness and beauty of the Scottish Highland breed, we found that the MINIATURE HIGHLAND CATTLE were the perfect fit for us!  Hence Mini Highlands of Nebraska!


We interact with all of our cattle daily making our entire fold calm and socialized.  We hand-feed treats to them to encourage social behavior with us.  Our goal here at the Ranch is to work with our calves from a very young age so that they are used to being around us and to be touched/handled.  We do not, however, have time to halter-train the calves.  Our fold is easy to approach even in the field, calm and courteous of humans.

We are lifetime members of the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Association and can offer registered cattle through this organization.  Our breeding program targets True miniature cattle (42" or less), however we also have a couple of micro miniatures (under 36").  We have pure-bred Highlands and HighParks.  We do not have any dexter or dexter crosses here on our ranch in an effort to 'shorten' the Highland breed.  Our fold is all CHONDRO NEGATIVE and we maintain a closed herd to avoid shared viruses/diseases.

Whether you are adding to your existing fold or just starting out with a miniature pet, you will get a healthy and quality animal through us.

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